Accounting, keeping tax records and auditing

In this area MATINATA s.r.o. offers the following:

Accountancy service (keeping tax records, double-entry accounting)
Accountancy service for bankrupts in insolvency administration
Comprehensive HR and salary administration, as well as warehouse administration
Providing tax advice, controlling activities and reconstruction of accounts
Processing tax declarations for all type of tax
Using a tax consultant to arrange for postponing submission of tax, obtaining the services of an auditor
Finding and training the best accountants
Drawing up statements on your behalf for the Financial Office, Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ)

and health insurance companies
Representing clients in negotiations with government offices and during tax inspections

Expert advice for crisis management

For any number of reasons, every organisation, company or firm can find itself bankrupt.
By offering concrete proposals on how to resolve crisis situations, MATINATA s.r.o.

provides clients with expert consultancy in how to steer their companies through difficult times.


The company is also engaged in:

Dissolving and merging companies
Drawing up and submitting proposals for declaring insolvency proceedings to the relevant courts
Financial services in connection with receivables, forfaiting and factoring receivables

and assumption of liabilities
Extra-judicial recovery of receivables

Business consultancy

MATINATA s.r.o. also performs the following:

Makes changes to company statutes
Establishes companies in any legal form
Transforms companies into any legal form
Re-engineers company processes (develops economic, HR and IT analyses and proposing

measures leading to quality improvements)
Provides a high quality legal service
Develops economic projects, financial analyses and internal audits for businesses